Welcome to Hotel Blüchertal

Hotel in Bacharach-Steeg

Dear Guests,

In the romantic valley of the Loreley, you’ll find the wine city of Bacharach, a city declared a UNESCO-World Heritage site. Our beautiful hotel “Blüchertal” in the district of Steeg is peacefully located at the Blücherstraße. The transition from the city center to the district of Steeg is fluent and barely noticeable.
We would like to make your stay in the valley of Steeg as comfortable and relaxing as possible and would like to invite you to spend a few wonderful days in our family-run hotel.

Where Castle Stahleck towers in lofty heights, the ancient city of Bacharach protects the valley of Steeg. In it, between woods and vineyards, lays the town of Steeg. Its name has been derived from “Steige”, which essentially means “steep road”. It marks a settlement at one of the streets connecting the Rhine valley with the Hunsrück heights, the “Blücherstraße”, which had already been in use in pre-Roman times. Marshal Gebhard von Blücher also used this road to fight back Napoleon’s army on New Year’s Eve 1813/1814. He then passed through the valley of Steeg with his own army to continue on to France.

The untamed beauty as well as the rich diversity of flora and fauna, tempts to spend a few relaxing hours exploring the surrounding nature. Awe-inspiring ruins and old timbered houses bear witness to a great history. Bizarre stone formations crown the vineyards created 30 or 40 generations ago. Those vineyards still yield wines that delight connoisseurs even today.

Our hotel is situated about a mile from Bacharach’s city center, which guarantees our guests a quiet and relaxing stay, away from train noise and crowds. Our rooms provide a fantastic view of the surrounding nature and the mysterious woods.

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