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Every castle in the middle Rhine region from Koblenz to Rüdesheim, as well as the castles on the Moselle listed at a glance:

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Cycle tracks and route information:

The Schinderhannes cyclepath

Our Tip:
Starting in Bacharach, you can take the cycle path to Boppard (around 30km/ 19 miles). Alternatively, you can also take the train.
With your starting point at the Boppard train station, you can take the Hunsrückbahn to Emmelshausen, where the Schinderhannes cycle path begins. On the old railway route you’ll reach Kastellaun comfortably without notable height differences. In Kastellaun you’ll have the possibility to explore the old city center, as well as the castle (entrance is free).

On your way back, you’ll again be using part of the Schinderhannes cycle path to reach the train station in Ebschied. Via the towns of Horn, Budenbach, Bergerhausen, Rayerschied, Brenzweiler, and Mörschbach you’ll reach Rheinböllen. From its town center you’ll find a direct path back to our Hotel Blüchertal.
The entire day trip will have a length of around 90km / 56 miles.